PARS TURK SILO is a market leader in  design and manufacture of grain steel silos, in addition  PTSILO offers the most advanced grain dryer devices, different types of transportation systems including;  elevator, bucket elevator , chain conveyors , screw grain system ,  and all the customer requirement s in dryers industry , processed and aeration for cereals and etc.

There are always flowers for those who wants to see them
PTSILO S vision, missions and values:
Total access to technology in agricultural industry specially storage, processing into food products.
The most important vision is accessing to customer satisfaction, come along with business modern world , cater the domestic and international market with its wide range of quality in agricultural products.

To manufacture grain steel silos and handling equipments utilizing innovative technologies through motivated employees , operational excellence and environmental safeguard , providing value added products and achieve customer & shareholders delight.

We value integrity of employees.
We build relationship which grows continually.
We provide work environment wherein each employee has opportunity to excel.
We promote team spirit and faith among employees

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